Located at 34-02 Starr Avenue in Long Island City, Silvercup Studios East includes six drive-on studios, five with approximately 16,000 ft2 of space, and one with 9,400 ft2 of space, and clear ceilings reaching 28 feet in height.  Silvercup East is currently home to CBS's Person of Interest and Elementary, and USA Network's White Collar.  Past projects filmed at Silvercup East have included the television series Ugly Betty, Fringe, Cashmere Mafia, Hope & Faith, The Education of Max Bickford, Now and Again, Welcome to New York, Kidnapped, Six Degrees and Big Apple.

Silvercup Studios East provides film makers and television production companies what they need most – a collection of large, tall studios in a single complex, with all of the required amenities. 

Designed in the style of a Hollywood lot, the 200,000 ft2, self-contained, gated complex also includes dressing rooms with showers, 12,000 ft2 of shop space (30-foot high), 25,000 ft2 of production offices, and extensive set, prop and wardrobe storage areas.  The complex also provides parking for as many as 100 cars.