Silvercup Studios
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Welcome to Silvercup Studios, New York City's largest full-service Film & Television production facility.
Silvercup Main Lot features 13 studios up to 18,000 ft2

Silvercup East Lot features six drive-on studios, five with approximately 16,000 ft2 of space, one with 9,400 ft2 of space, all with grid heights of 28 ft

  New York State Film Production
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Empire State Film Production Credit

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Silvercup Studios West

Television at Silvercup

White CollarGirlsPerson of Interest
ElementaryMysteries of Laura
Manhattan Love Story
Allegiance30 Rock


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White Collar .  Girls . Person of Interest . Elementary . Mysteries of Laura . Manhattan Love Story . Allegiance . 30 Rock . Sex & the City . The Sopranos